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The 2 Greatest Words?

Imperfect Action is Better than Perfect InactionThe 2 Greatest Words

From the Titan Academy Global AG – Oct 2015 newsletter


Language is powerful. The words we use drive the deeds we do.

Call a condition a problem and you get to reply to it from the position of a victim.

Speak an excuse, and you get to deliver your power to it, sometimes for a lifetime.

Words can destroy people’s confidence, provoke their greatness, electrify your performance and free entire nations.

Maybe two of the best ones to recite regularly so they become a part of your vocabulary are…

…Just start.

…nothing happens until you move!

And once you do, life begins to put the wind behind your sails. The Muse comes out to play. Your best self starts revealing more of its higher nature.

–just start the needle-moving project that will rewire your career

–just start the conversation needed to forgive the unforgiven

–just start the run that will become your marathon

–just start the craft that will raise you to genius

–just start the relationship that will lead you to love

–just start the book that will awaken your thinking

–just start the course that will transform your life

–just start the habit that will shift your productivity

–just start the dream that will change the world.

You’ve been blessed with hidden jewels that lie deep within. These are the talents that slumber, the gifts that lay dormant and the calls on your life that we all ask you to live.

Without you showing up, shining fully, standing up after you’ve fallen, persisting when you feel like surrendering, we’ll all be less of a human family. Things will be colder. And the world will be less bright.

So please. Just start.



Merrill Pierce named Professional of the Year by Distinctive Women

Facebook Merrill Pierce Professional of the Year

Professional of the Year honour is part of Distinctive Women’s annual peer nomination program.

Congratulations Merrill!!!!! 



Asking the Right Questions

I am reminded daily that we often do not get the right answers, simply because we haven’t asked the right questions. Seems simple and straightforward, but it is too common the cause of ambiguity and misunderstanding in business and in life.

If you are going to reach your find full potential and your objectives, you will need to make choices that will lead you to new actions. thinking

In most situations that you are faced with, being conscious of the following questions will help to reveal what is motivating your actions. The responses to these questions will clarify your thinking and support you in making the choices that are in your highest and best interest.

Incredibly simple but powerful, these questions may be used in any or all situations where you find yourself stumped or at a crossroad:

  • Will this choice/option move me toward an inspiring outcome or keep me stuck in the past?
  • Will this choice bring me long term fulfillment or simply short term gratification?
  • Am I being true to myself and my needs or am I trying to please someone else?
  • Am I looking for what’s right or am I looking for what’s wrong?
  • Will this choice fuel my energy or deplete me?
  • Can I use this situation as a catalyst for growth and change or will I use it to be hard on myself?
  • Does this choice empower or dis-empower me?
  • Is this an act of self-awareness or self-sabotage?
  • Am I doing this because I have faith or am I doing this out of fear?

I attribute some of these questions to Debbie Ford, and Anthony Robbins who once said –

“Quality questions create a quality life” and to make quality decisions we must see clearly. Asking these questions will help you to make what was previously unconscious, conscious, so that you can choose the direction that comes from being fully aware.


Merrill Pierce included again in this year’s Distinctive Women line-up

From DISTINCTIVE WOMEN Magazine – 2015-2016 Edition

Distinctive Women magazine is a national publication and online community that showcases exceptional entrepreneurs and outstanding achievers across Canada.

Merrill Pierce Distinctive Women

“Engaging top executive talent in a supportive, collaborative and insightful dialogue, leading to a better understanding and practice of leadership.” MP

When trends in leadership shift and change, Merrill Pierce is usually where the action is happening.

 A sought-after executive coach since 1998, Merrill has recently expanded into the United States, called upon by companies who aren’t just looking for advice — they want coaches who are part of their team.

“I’m finding that after 17 years, there’s even more interest in looking at how leaders lead from a team’s standpoint,” says Merrill.

“Of particular note is a tremendous shift in women’s leadership stance — their leadership style — from one of self-doubt to being more affirmative, confident and openly engaged in creating relationships. As corporate leaders, men are also becoming more humble in their style,” she adds.

As a result, Merrill says the hottest trend is ‘reverse mentoring’ — pairing a millennial-aged employee with a president.

“It changes the communication landscape and opens a window between two very different demographics,” she notes. “It’s another way to engage with the leaders of the future.”